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How Sitting On Your Wallet Can Cause Sciatica

Wallet and Sciatica

Do you have any idea that wallets can lead to extreme pain in the lower back in men? It is not about shortage of money that cause it but it is a small wallet that put stress on the lower back and cause sciatica in several cases. On the other hand, several studies explain the advantages of a thin wallet. These do not look great in appearance but still it can decrease the risk of issues including lower back pain. Basically, thick wallet keeps the person’s posture incorrect due to which it can injure the sciatic nerve and can causes sciatica. There are many things that you need to carry like bills, identity cards and credit cards so it is difficult to carry it in a tiny wallet. Here we will mention how a small wallet can lead to sciatica.

There are many physiotherapists who have stated that numbers of men suffering from back ache is increasing and reason for this is supposedly wallet. Some experts who have done research about it come to know that men who sit along with wallets in back pockets have a tendency to damage the key nerves that runs in the lower back part. Such situations should not be ignored because it is commonly increasing and it is usually reported by the people who drive along with wallet in the back pocket. As the rate of this condition is increasing among people so it has been given a particular name ‘wallet-neuropathy’ or ‘hip-pocket-syndrome’
It was famous by an episode of the "Seinfeld" series in the year of 1990’s. For the first time this phenomenon was explained in the short article in 1966 in The New England Journal of Medicine when credit cards were started to flourish.
The case of lawyer who was suffering from pain and aches in the left leg not because of thick wallet along charge cards associated to the condition as "credit-carditis."
Even this term never caught but doctors say this condition is increasing commonly. It started slowly caused by the thing that strains on the piriformis muscle in the buttocks that is linked to the sciatic nerve which runs down the leg.
Eventually a person can feel radiating pain in the part of hip and back. When the nerve is pressed by the wallet it may cause unwanted strain on the sciatic nerve that is severe condition and can cause numbness in the foot, lower leg, and ankle. It can make hard to lie down, walk around as well as sit comfortably. The standing position can help.
If a person is bearing this condition or keep wallet in back pocket he should contact physiotherapist. The physiotherapist will recommend some treatments as well as exercise to prevent the unbearable pain. On the other hand, if the case is not serious then it can be sufficient to ease the pain.
Thin wallet was another option as it was mentioned above. For using it, one should avoid keeping extra stuff such as photos, receipts or any useless stuff. Try to keep important stuff such as credit cards or identity cards. One can buy money clip or thin wallet for this reason.